That which inspires, uplifts, nourishes and supports us in every aspect of our lives has its source in the unseen world of spirit

from “Being Human Being Spirit”

There perhaps has never been a time in human history when the art of music, dance, the healing arts, and the conservation of the oral and written traditions of our elders in the East and West has been more needed. I hope to make a small contribution to this urgent need.

The true meaning and purpose of many traditions is being lost. Yoga, Buddhism, Christianity . . . “ all have at their core the mastery of the harmony of the world of matter and spirit. Spirit NOT being a metaphor but an expansive, tangible universe to be explored and used in our daily lives. Direct experience of these worlds requires discipline and practice but more importantly it requires instruction. Luckily the extensive writings of the east and the sages of the west have provided all the information we need.

What is absent and so desperately needed in our world today is an active and daily connection to the world of spirit; the unseen energies and connections that are the real basis of our reality. You are more than your physical body, you are multi-dimensional, and yet the world’s focus is totally on the physical. Our identities are split and need be brought together in order to create harmony in our lives and in the world: The harmony starts with you – the individual. By living consciously as both a Human Being and a Spiritual Being you will radiate unseen connections that will be felt by those around you – helping them to find the same connections and harmony. Yoga brings this unity as does prayer, devotion, and creativity, but there are many other practices and paths that lead to the same state of consciousness. What I have found is that the techniques may seem different but they are not. Across time and space, and the many cultures on the earth, the path is the same and the awakening that occurs is always the same. I hope you will join me in this great adventure, the path of being human and being spirit! Be well and be happy!